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Every business owner in Folsom wants a profitable business. However, many of them only concentrate on marketing the physical stores while forgetting that the online business market is quickly gaining traction. This is where they need to be. Others have already made the transition and are using digital marketing services to help them gain a competitive edge over their peers.

One key aspect of internet marketing is search engine optimization. This marketing method allows you to optimize your website, ranking it high on search engines. If your website ranks highly for local search or more advanced searches, you will get more organic traffic going to your site. Therefore, local businesses such as yours must invest in an SEO firm that will help them meet their business goals.

Our goal as we Folsom SEO services is to empower businesses to reach their full potential and maintain a positive brand identity. Therefore, you can reach out to us, and we shall chart a way forward.

Folsom SEO Services

Search engine optimization is a broad term that covers different practices. Below, we outline some of the Folsom services to our clients.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves analysing and optimizing the technical factors that affect a website's rankings.


Code Efficiency

For instance, the code that develops a website should be efficient. If it is not, it can slow down the page and affect the website's entire usability...



Another technical aspect of your website that we usually look at is speed. Google considers speed when ranking, with those that load faster...

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO involves the optimization of visible elements that will affect page rankings. Some of the on-page SEO aspects we address include:


Page Meta Descriptions and Title

We ensure that your meta descriptions and title tags have your main keywords, as these will help Google understand the semantics of your page. In addition, we use synonyms, keyword phrases, and keyword variations instead of stuffed keywords to ensure your page is ranking high. Using keywords and variations will also differentiate you from your competitors.



Your pages should be structured intuitively, and headings are the best way to ensure they are. With suitable headings, you can organize your content on a page. Major topics should use main headers such as h1 and h2. H3s and H4s are used for less prominent headers.



The content of a page will also affect the rankings. It is crucial that you have informative yet interesting content because Google monitors bounce rate and the time the user will take on a page. A user is likely to stay if the content is valuable. Therefore, the page must be relevant to the user, and the layout should be precise with various media, including graphics and videos.


On-page SEO involves the optimization of visible elements that will affect page rankings. Some of the on-page SEO aspects we address include:


Use of Backlinks

In the world of the internet, backlinks work like word-of-mouth referrals. If your website has referrals, the higher you are likely to rank as Google will consider you relevant. However, professionals understand better how to link your website to other websites to increase domain authority better than you ever would and are in the best position to help you use them properly.


Social Media Marketing

Social media has helped businesses create brand awareness and adds the potential for users visiting your website. The more you participate in social media, the more likely your business will become a household name, and users will visit your website. First, however, you have to deliver quality content to users and post frequently.


Local SEO

If your business relies on local or regional customers, local SEO should be important to you. Local SEO allows your business to be ranked when users search for local businesses that offer your services. However, the techniques used to attain high rankings for local SEO are not the same as those used for organic SEO. We are one of the best Folsom SEO companies in local SEO. Therefore, if you are looking for Folsom local SEO experts, we are the right company to place you at the top of the Google search.


High-Quality Links from SEO

With the world quickly moving from old forms of advertisement, such as printing ads in newspapers or putting out signs on the lawn, you need to stay ahead of the game. Innovative marketing is crucial if you need to get links that will convert. At Architected Relations, we have what it takes to put you ahead of your competitors. We use a variety of SEO practices to help you put in the spotlight so your potential clients can find your business when they are searching for companies that provide your services. In addition, we will ensure that your business is on Google's first page results for the best results.


Want to Rank Number On Google?

You need a company that understands your needs and how search engine optimization works. Why not reach out to us at Architected Relations and see the difference? Day to day, we cater to different companies in Folsom, and they can testify that our excellent work has put them ahead of their competitors. You can schedule a consultation with us and let us handle the process from there.