Custom vs WordPress Websites

Custom vs WordPress Websites

They Are Not All the Same You Know

Not all websites are created the same. There are professional custom websites and there are site building tools such as Wix, WordPress, etc. Most advertisements portray these tools to make building websites a breeze. And we totally agree. Especially if you have the time and intend to do the work yourself. You can have a simple website up and running in literally a matter of minutes for what $10 dollars a month?!
But, will this website for $10 drive any real business? Hear me out, let’s say you’re competing in a game of basketball and you made one wrong move and tore your ACL. Would you rather go online, look up a quick solution and try to fix it yourself? Or go to a doctor to properly treat it?

It's the same thing in digital marketing. Experts will always provide you with the right solutions that fit your specific needs.

When you only know a hammer everything becomes a nail...

Website builders offer you different templates to easily build a website on their platform. Think about this. You are building your business brand and identity on top of another business's model. A custom website on the other hand, involves the design and development of a website from scratch using clean code and no templates. It’s just like building a house from the ground up. You get to to add your personal touch to every part of it. The job is usually done by a professional and it is always tailored to suit your business needs. Articulating proper design techniques and brand identity into a website is no easy task, and we say that without even considering the engineering behind websites that actually get the desired results.
If you can hire your second cousin Steve to build your site in his free time, do you really think it will grow your business? Well let me tell you, If our clients' competitors are using these amateur tools then...

They Simply Do Not Stand a Chance

We have several reasons as to why we do not use any web builders for our clients' projects. We believe that every business has different needs and there is no one size fits all solution. You need a team of experts who can diagnose the root problems and articulate a solution between the sweet spot of realistic and impactful. These drag and drop builders simply do not do that but rather all share very similar characteristics:

Lack of Uniqueness

When you enter a housing estate the first thing you notice is that all the buildings look exactly the same. If there was any sort of competition, you will see each building trying to stand out from the rest. Similarly with websites, most times it does not really matter how much you try to tweak and rearrange a theme or template, since it would still end up looking similar to other websites who have used the same template as you with similar tweaks. This denies you and your business the chance of standing out amongst competitors.

Inadequate Security

If you’re to pick where would you rather have dinner tonight? Would it be an open space next to a highway where every passerby knows your name and knows exactly where you live and how many kids you have? Or would it be inside a cosy restaurant away from prying eyes where the light is just the right amount of bright?
When using a website builder to build and design your website, there is every tendency that any vulnerabilities on that platform, will transfer over to your site. There is a reason these platforms release frequent updates that you have to perform with the hopes of not breaking a plugin.

Absence of Speed

For the next couple of seconds try to put yourself in the shoes of your clientele and visitors. How exactly do you feel when a website you’re trying to access keeps loading, taking as much as 10 minutes to load a single page? Frustrating, right?
These Platforms that provide you with templates to easily build your website are more interested in people actually using their platform than they are in helping create effective solutions. These sites contain a giant load of unnecessary code and bloatware which are all the things that end up making the users crawl with frustration. Lack of loading speed is a major reason why businesses that own such websites are losing customers consistently. An estimated 50% of internet users abandon their visits to a website once it takes longer than three seconds to load a page.

Lack of Optimization

Simply put, website optimization involves the use of several tools, strategies and dynamic improvements to drive more traffic to a website, increase conversion and generally boost revenue. A fully optimized website is important to ensure branding and functionalities make your website as unique to your business as possible.
Website optimization will allow you the chance to demonstrate and illustrate your business concepts and ideas through your website. This is usually where branding and marketing begins. If branding is an aspect of business you take seriously (and you totally should) then your website is the main tool for branding. However, these web builders may not allow you to fully demonstrate your brand to visitors. This is usually because website builders generally include limited functionalities and options to allow people to build sites easier on their platforms, while almost ignoring website optimization completely.

Rigid and Non-scalable

It is only normal that your website should grow and expand as your business grows and expands. As time passes, it is expected that your business would experience higher patronage as your website experiences increases in traffic. This, in itself, is a blessing that many businesses pray for. But such an increase in traffic may turn into a big problem if your website is built on a system that is rigid with little or no capacity for growth.
Scaling and adding functionality to a rigid template is very hard to do with a web builder and even if you find someone that can, it will cost you a lot of money. Many businesses that have used web building tools, completely switched

If You Are Looking for a Fully Custom Unique Experience, We Strive to Be Your Favorite Web Development Firm!

Should your business grow and traffic increase, you will surely need a custom solution built for your business. Feel free to contact us before making a major decision that can impact your online growth. We are now offering free consultations to make your process a little easier.

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